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75 Specially Selected Ingredients – where EVERY ingredient adds nutritional weight to the formula.

Athletic Greens® Mega Nutrient Formula

Athletic Greens® Supplement Facts

For each ingredient we have used the highest quality, most natural source obtainable.

This means the majority of our ingredients are organic.

Some ingredients are not certifiable as organic, such as extracts, ingredients grown in glass houses, and minerals (which are technically inorganic). We have sourced the most bio-available form of minerals possible.

Our ingredients can be grouped into four categories:

Alkaline, RAW, Extremely Nutrient-Dense Greens.
This is nature’s bounty, a careful selection of the highest quality, highest efficacy superfoods on the planet, naturally packed with goodness. These ingredients are freeze-dried to preserve their molecular structure. They are then cold-milled (hot-milling damages enzymes and nutrients) and blended gently into the formula.

Nutrient-Dense, Natural Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants.
They are extracted from high quality, raw foods, providing naturally occurring antioxidants, herbs, and phytonutrients. ONE serving of Athletic Greens contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10-12 servings of fruit and vegetables (ORAC 5000).

Pre and Pro Biotics, Naturally Occurring Digestive Enzymes.
These ingredients help your gut function properly, thereby letting you absorb nutrients better. (By the way, once you open your Athletic Greens, please keep it in the fridge or freezer).

Essential for body functions. Magnesium alone is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the human body, from maintaining muscle and nerve function to supporting protein synthesis. Likewise, chromium and vanadium help regulate blood sugar levels and insulin, while zinc and selenium control a host of biological functions ranging from maintaining healthy hormone levels to regulating the immune system. The challenge is absorbing them in sufficient quantity and quality, especially for athletes consuming a nutrient-parched, over-farmed diet. Athletic Greens takes care of your mineral requirements. Every mineral in this formula was selected for optimal quality and optimal absorption.

Summary: every ingredient adds nutritional value to the formula.

Does it seem like there are a lot of high quality ingredients in Athletic Greens®? It should. We researched the science, identified what our bodies need to get from nature, went and got it from nature, and put it all in one place. No hassles, no confusion, one superfood cocktail. But there is a reason other companies never do this….. very little margin for us. We rely on our customer loyalty to stay in business, and word of mouth to grow.

We invite you to try Athletic Greens® and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please spread the word.
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"The 4-Hour Body"

"My favorite greens supplement. This is my all-in-one greens insurance policy. It contains 76 ingredients, including inulin for bacterial balance"
– Timothy Ferriss

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