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*Please note we currently only ship to the USA and Canada.

Interested in becoming part of our Customer Happiness Team ?

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Athletic Greens is 100% Focused on Happiness.

OUR happiness, YOUR happiness. That is our founders’ motto, that is our focus. Yes, we believe that a focus on happiness begins with a focus on phenomenal health. We also believe that a Focus on Happiness means NEVER engaging in business practices that make us unhappy when we deal with other businesses:

Who Else Finds That The Following Drive You CRAZY??

  • Having to climb through multiple time-wasting processes online just to see or amend your order (grrrr – since when is our time not important!)
  • Never being able to reach a REAL person in a company who takes responsibility for solving your issue or question (this drives us nuts)
Our entire philosophy is to make it as easy and as pleasurable as possible for you to do business with us. Every practice we have in our Customer Happiness Team is arranged the way WE WOULD WANT IT for ourselves.

What it means when YOU are a customer of Athletic Greens:

  • YES! To putting the personal touch back into business – phone our happiness team and speak to a real PERSON
  • YES! To us saving you TIME – Send ONE email to our customer happiness team and know that we are making a PERSON directly responsible for making YOU HAPPY
  • YES! To YOU having a personal CONCIERGE system where you can check your order, add or subtract products, adjust billing cycles, billing dates, delivery addresses, put things on hold, or even cancel everything JUST BY SENDING ONE EMAIL or making ONE PHONE CALL
  • YES! To YOU having a personal champion in our organization who reports directly to our Board of Directors with your complaints. We call this person our Chief Customer Happiness Champion, her name is Yvonne Williams, and she welds a phenomenal amount of power in our organization, on YOUR behalf.

Product Quality and YOUR Happiness. Two things we will never skimp or compromise on. We pride ourselves on our Customer Happiness program. Please hold us to it.

Customer Happiness Agents

1 (888) 826-9938

We have helpful, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable customer happiness agents available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm EST whom are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Mailing Adress:

Athletic Greens (USA), Inc.
427 N Tatnall St #20782
Wilmington, Delaware 19801