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Rob Shibley:

Rob Shibley
Norfolk, VA

I have been using Athletic Greens for 3 months now and I absolutely love it. I can really see the difference in my overall health, mental clarity and energy level. I take 2 scoops first thing in the morning and I start my day. It tastes great and is easy to mix.

This is a must have product for anyone serious about feeling great. I would like to thank "The Kiwi" for turning me onto this stuff. I am hooked.

Ryan Bethea:

Ryan Bethea
San Diego, CA

Athletic Greens is hands down the best tasting Greens supplement I have ever tried. It is simply incredible how complete the nutritional profile is, and how well it mixes and tastes. I can honestly say I look forward to getting my greens!

Ari Goldberg:

Ari Goldberg
New York, NY
CEO, StyleCaster Media Group

Wanted to drop you a line and let you know Athletic Greens is awesome. Really, really great.

I am a GNC addict – usually take 10-12 vitamins every morning and I like to think I am in pretty good health. Since I started taking Athletic Greens I have noticed I feel even better – much more energy and much more focus. It has also removed the need for all those other products. It is really awesome.

"Doberman" Dan Gallapoo:

Ocala, FL

The one thing I consider to be the most important part of my daily health routine is consuming a serving of Athletic Greens every morning. I’ve thoroughly researched the supplement market and Athletic Greens is the only superfood I trust as my nutritional ‘insurance’. And they’ve made it so easy to take every day because it taste GREAT!

Bianka Krausch:

Bianka Krausch
Indianapolis, IN
Mother, Model, Business Owner

I started taking Greens not long after I had my first baby during a time when working out seemed to be harder on my body and they really helped me feel better, while giving me the energy to keep going. I take Athletic Greens every day, whether I work out or not, they seem to be a great way for my body to get quick nutritional value without having to eat 15 stems of Broccoli! I have tried a lot of products in the past 10 years and have found this to be effective, tasty, and easy to digest.

Ryan Sutter:

Ryan Sutter
Endurance Athlete,
Avon, CO USA

I began taking AG in preparation for an aggressive racing campaign to benefit the charity, First Descents. The effort would include multiple endurance events including Ironman Lake Placid, The Leadville 100 and the New York Marathon. In addition, as a father of two young children, my system was constantly exposed to germs and fatigue. Athletic Greens is easy to take and has kept me both healthy and in good form during training and races. I use AG first thing in the morning and after every workout. I have found that doing so has increased my stamina throughout the day, enabled me to recover more quickly after events and increased my ability to fight off infection. The cumulative affects of Athletic Greens continue to push me past previous limits and towards higher levels of performance on all fronts.

Andreas Olesen:

AVP Beach Volleyball, Miami, United States

Pro Beachvolley is unfortunately not a sport that involves the big bucks! We are often forced to take on a full time or part time jobs to finance our travels for tournaments. Im 33 years old and have been playing pro beachvolley for the past 12 years. I have for many years combined a tough training with a normal 9-5 job. Getting up in the morning for the first practice– followed by an 8 hours busy working day and then off to another practice – keep pushing yourself to get better and better! Its tough to find the energy to give 110% every time you step on the court or step in the office.

I quickly learned that my nutrition meant everything when trying to keep my energy up for a whole day, but it has always been close to impossible to get my nutrition perfect when you don’t have a single second to rest during the day. I have tried a wide range of different supplements, but I have never been able to find a product that would give everything my body needed. A good friend of mine introduced me to Athetic Greens and after just a couple of days.. wow..what a difference!

I take a dose in the morning before my first practice and in the afternoon at work. I don’t experience any big energy swings anymore and I’m able to push hard in practice and at work. I have been taking Athletic Greens for 3 months now and not only have I been promoted at work – I have also advanced over 155 spots on the US Pro Beachvolley Ranking – and that’s just the beginning!

Brett Leve:

Summit Series Co-Founder
Entrepreneur, Vagabonder
Washington DC.

Generally a cynic when it comes to ingesting wonder cures, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of Athletic Greens.

With all those organic greens now packed in my system, I’ve really noticed the difference in my training intensity and recovery.

Kevin Parlin:

Portlalnd, MA
United States

I have been rocking a salad & Athletic Greens in the afternoon and all-organic foods in the evening. I’ve  followed this routine for about 3 weeks now steady with biking and workout. I feel like a million $$ – no joke!

And I agree, you guys should write the Athlete’s Guide to Food.

Michele Alonso:

Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitor
Miami Beach, FL, United States

I am a personal trainer for Equinox, South Beach. I started using Athletic Greens to complement my nutrition regime when I was preparing for the FAME Bikini America show in Miami, FL.

I had been using another product called Greens+ and some additional vitamins but changed when I learned that Athletic Greens has so much more good stuff in it than Greens Plus or the vitamins, is completely natural so you absorb it better, and removes the need for any other vitamin supplementation.

Not only is Athletic Greens the best tasting greens on the market but I had energy every morning (especially with those 6am clients!). I had a glass every morning before I digested anything else. My greens directly aided me in getting my body and health into the shape it needed for the show. I would recommend Athletic Greens to anyone who is looking to optimize their health or just looking for a great tasting morning drink!

Cliff Harvey:

Nutritionist, Naturopath, Strength Coach,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

As a nutritionist, natural therapist and athlete I know what to eat…but in this day and age we can all do with a little ‘nutritional insurance’.

Athletic Greens gives me a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and adaptogenic compounds in one easy formula. The whole food nature of Athletic Greens ensures that I am not missing out on essential co-factors… and it’s highly alkaline to reduce the acidity that can result from not always being able to eat enough fruits, berries and vegetables.

I consider Athletic Greens to be the most important supplement in my nutritional arsenal to help me to perform mentally and physically, day in and day out.”

ND, Dip.Fit, HbT
- Nutritionist, Naturopath, Strength Coach
- Author of “Choosing You! – How you can choose to live the life of your dreams…right now!”
- Founder of Katoa Healthwww.katoahealth.com
- Founder of Cliff Harveywww.cliffharvey.com
- 2 x IAWA All-Round Weightlifting World Champion
- Holder of two world and multiple national records for feats of strength

Maddy Lethaby:

Middle distance runner,
Manila, Philippines

"As a health & fitness conscious Kiwi living in Manila, I’ve found it a huge challenge to get my daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables."

"Since using Athletic Greens, I now have the confidence I have all the essential nutrients to keep me healthy and strong. I’ve really noticed the difference in my energy levels as well as finding a new edge in my performance in my competitive sports."

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